Sofa for cat "Le Couture" Palace - Cobalt Blue


Luxury sofa for cat "Le Couture" Palace

Covered in a divine damask velvet fabric from Designers Guild, with a double set of cushions in different colours, plus a gold- and silver-plated, rhodium-coated jewel.

“Le Couture” sofa plays with contrasts and a range of subtle shades which change with the light.
Its hard-wearing covers are fully removable for easy upkeep.

Cats prefer comfortable places with plenty of padding.
For their wellbeing and to ensure the long-term durability of the structure, it is covered in highly resilient foam and a waterproof, protective liner.

This luxury sofa for cats offers your pet the utmost comfort.

Exterior covering Designers Guild Antique Rose (or Cobalt Blue)

Removable outer cover, Designers Guild fabric: damask velvet 65% Polyester, 30% viscose.
Hand wash or dry clean.
Waterproof liner in cotton and polyolefin.


Velvet 100% Polyester.
Large cushion with removable cover, machine washable at 30°, gentle spin (protective waterproof cotton and polyolefin liner).
Small cushion, cover not removable, but fully machine-washable at 30°, gentle spin.


Feet in beech, pine plywood structure and high-density foam.

Size S, M, L

We have shown the interior space to help you choose the right size bed for your pet.
Cats like to curl up in a ball against the side of their beds, so it’s important that the space is neither too small to be comfortable nor too big, which would make them feel unsafe.

Sofa for cat - size S
Exterior measurements - Length 72.0 x Width 48.0 x Height 24.0 cm.
Interior space – Length 54.0 x Width 39.0 cm.
It is suitable for all types of small and medium-sized cats.

Sofa for cat - size M 
Exterior measurements - Length 85.0 x Width 61 x Height 25.0 cm.
Interior space – Length 65.0 x Width 51.0 cm.
It is recommended for cats or breeds such as Maine Coon...

Unless otherwise specified:
Europe: 3-5 working days - Rest of the World: 5-10 working days
Made in France 

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